We Will Ride Ministries

Ministering to the Biker Community since 2003


 "ology" as we all know means "the study of"   Eschatology, therefore is the study of last things or end times. 

 Dear bikers, family and friends:

 As much as I hate to be the messenger of doom and gloom, I still have the honor & privilege as your pastor; not to mention the responsibility as an ordained minister to care for your current and eternal well-being, and to also let you know that we truly are living in the end times. (Book of Revelation apprx Chapter 3)  The Bible also tells us in the Book of Matthew that even Jesus Christ (The Son of God) Himself knows not the Day the Father hath appointed!  All the more reason to enjoy each day as our blessing!  

God Bless

L & R 

Rev. "Rocky"