We Will Ride Ministries

Ministering to the Biker Community since 2003

Who We Are

What is Biker Church?

I have been asked far to numerous times about Biker Church.  Please let me explain!

We were founded in the Spring of 2003 in Sanford, Florida shortly after our "Founder" graduated from Washington Bible College/Capital Bible Seminary in December 2002.  Our "Original" Church Charter was BWB Ministries (aka Bikers With Bibles) based out of Washington, D.C.  Currently, this Organization has under-gone restructure and is now operating in Richmond, Texas with a new charter "We Will Ride Ministries".  We are still registered with the IRS as a non-profit organization, however, under a new EIN/Tax ID as required! Contributions are currently NOT Tax Deductible at this time, but most appreciated anyways!  Most contributions go back into the Church or H.B.O. fund!  We are not 501 (c) (3) and probably never will be!  Biker Church is also a Christian Motorcycle Ministry {MM} [Again, each member is a real Pastor, Reverend or Minister]; We are a non-territorial association and wear nothing signifying territory. We are also a neutral association and do not wear any MC support patches. We wear no territory rockers, state flags, state logos, no diamonds (front and back), cube shape or rockers or anything giving the appearance of a rocker that could/should be worn with an association patch or mistaken as a MC. Truly, We are Nomads! as was Jesus! We are primarily dedicated to reaching/assisting the biker community as well as motorcycle enthusiasts and riders of all types. We attend motorcycle events, rallies and functions, with the vision of sharing the love and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We preach at some of these events as well as in some churches. We also try to educate the non-riding community with information regarding motorcycle awareness and the often-misunderstood biker lifestyle. Naturally, we perform biker weddings, funerals/memorial services, baptisms/dedications, hospital visits, and provide general and marital counseling. Again we are licensed to do so unlike similar MM. We also include a motorcycle recovery for downed riders and bike blessings. We are a come as you are Church (jeans, leathers, etc. OK) and sometimes conduct service in a modern/contemporary, and relaxed restaurant/bar atmosphere. You can even have a meal while listening to the sermon. The NRA started this concept that people have a tendency to learn and retain more in a laid back-no pressure surrounding. Something, of course, bikers can relate too. Our services, therefore, are geared toward those who ride as well as the biker community and their families. Our weekly messages/sermons try to parallel the riding/biker lifestyle with that of the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ. They are both entertaining, yet informative! You would also be quite surprised with the music selections. Modern & Upbeat. Everyone is Welcome! (even those in cages) aka biker language for cars. So, if you don't have a home-based church, are searching for answers about life, or looking for that alternative means to worship on Sunday mornings without all the rules, regulations and hypocracy of a giant-formal mega church; then please come home to Biker Church. Blessings to all & NEVER ride faster than your guardian angel can fly!